About Us

 “111 GROUP” LLC is covering business in the field of innovations, consulting, assessment and market research.

The company is planning to be a Sole Importer and Distributor of heavy industrial equipment, spare parts and other facilities on the territory of Azerbaijan and abroad.

The company’s aim is to cover business in the field of innovations, consulting, assessment and market research. The aim of the project is to facilitate and systematize the management system, logistics and import / export registration between the countries. Thus, the company is willing to form a stable structure for the purchase and sale of all freight equipment in the Caucasus region, using a technologically developed system for introducing business processes from the basics to the end-user total.

The company’s subsidiary is going to be opened in Bali and Poland soon.

The company, represented by the Director General (TD), creates and launches world-wide projects using intellectual property as an analysis of various projects which are required the support and coordination during their creation and implementation.


The Company’s activities are also aimed at:

  • Making a start and organization of the business, development of the business plan

  • Consultations in strategic areas, development of a strategic plan for enterprise development

  • Management services, management structure development

  • Risk Analysis and Management

  • Purchase, sale, rental and acceptance of property management

  • Development of sustainable analysis structures and subsequent implementation.

  • Providing the Human Resources under the certain project


The main category of Clients is the Directors of large companies whose enterprises are on the path to liquidation or they have got a lack of strong coordination during the implementation of their ambitions and plans under the current activity. After the reviewing the essence of the matter, the experts will offer the best legal solution.

Also I’m a part of Human Design Association all over the world.

The company is a client of many technological companies around the world and cooperates with both local and international partners, such as Gilan Holding, Huquq24, Pasha Bank, Pasha Travel, Payoneer and so on.

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